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2018 is the 29th Youngstown Area Community Cup. Through the years, this program has brought the message of the importance of fitness, teamwork, sportsmanship and cooperation to thousands of employees of area businesses and organizations. Over a dozen athletic events like walking, swimming and running as well as more team-oriented events like volleyball and the ever popular tug-o-war are included. All of the events are designed to promote the importance of fitness and teamwork and how these attributes go a long way toward improving any company’s bottom line. There’s no doubt the Community Cup has done more to promote corporate wellness than any other program in the history of Youngstown. Find out how the Cup can bolster your company’s wellness efforts and create an atmosphere of pride and teamwork that will permeate the entire workforce! For information on how your organization can be involved, please contact the Cup office at 330-744-8411 ext 143 or 330-742-4794 or via email at to reach Julie Walker, Community Cup Coordinator.

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YMCA Membership

As a participant in the Community Cup, you receive a summer membership at the Central YMCA from June 1 through September 8. You have full access to the facility during our normal hours. Click on the Membership Guidelines below to learn all the details.

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There are several levels of sponsorship available to support the Community Cup and advertise your business. Click on the Sponsorship Opportunities link below to read the details.

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Julie Walker, Community Cup Coordinator, at the Cup office at 330-744-8411 ext 143 or 330-742-4794 or via email at