“We always wanted to become members, but then we really needed to become members. With my husband being laid off and me being sick, it became imperative that we needed the Y more than ever.”

Melissa Cherne & Family
Financial Assistance Recipients

If you’ve been thinking that you can’t afford to be part of the Y, think again! At the YMCA of Youngstown, we welcome everyone’s involvement by providing financial assistance. It’s an important part of our mission.

How do I apply?

Download the Financial Assistance Application

Complete in full the Financial Assistance application; attach your household’s current 6 weeks of income, and the most recent Federal Income Tax return. Return in person to the service desk or by mail to the Y branch you wish to join. All applications are kept confidential.

How is the amount of financial assistance determined?

Your Y’s Financial Assistance Committee will review your financial information and determine the amount of assistance that will be offered. Expect a written offer within 30 days of receiving your application and income verification.

Where do the funds for financial assistance come from?

This program is funded through our Annual Support Campaign and through the United Way. Therefore, because funding is limited, we ask that every member contribute to the cost of membership.

We are committed to this simple policy: No one will be turned away due to their inability to pay for Y programs, camps or memberships.

Annual Campaign

All proceeds from the Annual Campaign are made available for financial assistance.


Leslie Bartels, Association Financial Assistance Coordinator
(E) (P) 330 480 5656 ext 222


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