Strengthening the Foundations of Community

Collaborations of the YMCA of Youngstown

Central Branch

Youngstown City Schools/Parochial and private schools

For several decades, the Central Y has conducted a physical education and swim instructional program for area schools. Y buses transport the elementary and middle school children to our facility, and we pre- and post-test to demonstrate the impact of the program. For many children, this is their only opportunity to learn how to swim. Our Strong Kids Campaign funding, United Way support and Hine Memorial Fund support enables us to offer these impactful programs at little or no cost.

Akron Children’s Hospital

The Fitness Club and Fitness Lifestyle Challenge are a partnership between Akron Children’s Hospital and the Central Y. It features fun, non-competitive activities to promote healthy fitness and eating habits and safe, gradual weight loss. The program for kids ages 7-15 offers incentives to help them meet their fitness goals.

Youngstown Area Community Cup

This is the 26th year for the Cup. We offer fitness and wellness programs that introduce weight loss and lifestyle change behaviors to the participating companies. Participants train to compete in a variety of events. Components include a three-month membership for all participants, clinics for several events, and competitive events at the YMCA and Mill Creek Park. In 2014, 20 companies and 1,200 individuals participated in this program.

Special Needs Agencies

The Central Y has collaborated with a number of agencies that serve youth and adults with special needs to offer subsidized, low cost group memberships. Purple Cat, Isle, Golden String, Day Break, Safe House and the Juvenile Justice Center have all been a part of this arrangement. More than 200 different clients have benefited from this collaboration, and we have seen dramatic results with weight loss, fitness levels, self-esteem and a sense of belonging.

Church Youth Groups

The Central Y collaborates with area church youth groups in a variety of ways. Several times a year when churches do mission projects in the community (i.e., renovating homes of elderly, neighborhood cleanup) the youth use the YMCA for recreation and showering. Over 2000 youth participate in these programs. We are also a popular site for church and school groups for youth overnighters. They rent our facility and we assist with programs for team building, recreation and fellowship.

Mahoning County Special Olympics

The Central Y offers our pools and gyms at a subsidized cost for practices, clinics and meets. These programs serve 120 athletes with special needs.

Preschool and Daycare Centers

We partner with many preschools and daycare centers to provide physical education, fitness/movement classes and swim instruction. Typically, we bus the groups to our downtown facility for these programs but programs are also offered off site at the school’s facility. We pre- and post-test to measure the impact of the program. Included in this group are Mill Creek Children’s Center, B.U.M.P., Austintown Learning Center, Canfield Day Care and Learning Center, For Kid’s Sake, Hopes and Dreams, Great Expectation, Kid’s Town and Children’s Academy and Montessori Preschool. Over 275 preschoolers got stronger and healthier as they learned swimming and water safety skills and healthy lifestyle.

Mercy Health Youngstown

A key partner for the Central Y for many years, Mercy Health participates in the Annual Health Fair by providing blood and cholesterol testing and a variety of other scans and tests. Mercy Health is a major sponsor of the Community Cup, and their team is always a perennial contender for “The Cup.” Hundreds of their employees get healthier with Y memberships through our corporate membership program.

American Red Cross of the Mahoning Valley

We partner with the Red Cross to offer CPR and First Aid classes and community Learn to Swim classes called “Splash.” Hundreds of kids got safer around the water because of this year’s Splash program. The Red Cross conducts a blood drive as part of our Annual Health Fair in October.

Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts

We have long partnered with these groups to enable kids to use our facilities at little or no cost to work on their merit badges. We have also hosted the Cub Scouts each year for an Overnighter program.

Mahoning County Department of Health

We have worked with the Mahoning County Department of Health as a partner in the “Pioneering Healthier Communities” initiative and also as a vendor at our Annual Health Fair.

Area Service Clubs

The Youngstown Downtown Kiwanis Club meets at the Central Y weekly. They also conduct special events here, such as their annual Radio Auction. The Youngstown Rotary Club has their office at the Y and also conducts their annual Youth Exchange Overnighter here, bringing teens from all around the world together to do leadership development and enjoy a night of fun and fellowship.

Pinnacle Health Systems

The Central Y leases space to and collaborates on programs and referrals with Pinnacle Health Systems. Ms. Jeanne McConnell, the owner/operator, is an excellent physical therapist and our staff and members consult with her to develop programs and initiatives to serve the Y membership.

Youngstown State University

YSU has been a long-time community partner with the Central YMCA. We frequently host YSU interns in our fitness department, and we provide many students with volunteer opportunities to satisfy course requirements. Many of our part time employees are YSU students who gain valuable experience in the field that they are studying.

Silver Sneakers

The Central Y has a large contingent of senior citizens who are able to use our facilities and programs through this great collaboration. We host specially designed low impact fitness and aquatic classes, as well as social and educational events to meet the needs of folks 65 and over.

Silver & Fit

Similar to Silver Sneakers, but still very small. Is available at Central and Davis.

High School Swim Teams

The Central Y Swim Team, the “Y-Neptunes”, makes it possible for area high schools to enter the sport of swimming. We provide coaches, pool space and practice times and the athletes can then qualify for high school competition.

Camp Fitch on Lake Erie

Camp Barclay

This camp for children with diabetes was established in 1977. It involves the coordination of health professionals in the Erie area including physicians, nutritionists, nurses and physician assistants. We collaborate with the Great Lakes Diabetic Institute and with the office of Dr. Aparicio. Camp Barclay focuses on providing children with diabetes, ages 8-16, a resident camp experience which is creative, recreational, and educational not only in outdoor living but in diabetes management. Camp Fitch provides the full residential summer camp program and counseling staff. Camp Barclay provides the medical care and education on management of diabetes.

Camp Frog

This is a collaboration with the Epilepsy Foundation of Western Pennsylvania. It is a nationally recognized program that places extra supportive and medical services into an existing summer camp program, allowing children who experience seizures to enjoy summer camp just like their peers. Camp Fitch provides the full residential summer camp program and counseling staff. Camp Frog provides the medical staff and education in managing epilepsy.

School Outdoor Education

Since the early 1970s, Camp Fitch has developed partnerships with elementary and middle schools to provide experiential, outdoor education and residential experiences. This program has grown to over 70 schools. Of the 70 schools, 62 are from Ohio, 7 from Pennsylvania and 1 from Canada. Camp Fitch provides the overall program leadership and the residential facilities. The schools provide volunteer and staff leadership for supervision, some teaching elements, and transportation.

Lake County YMCA

Lake County YMCA has provided a summer resident program for their community since the early 1970s. This is a one-week, traditional resident camp for their YMCA constituents in Lake County, Ohio. Camp Fitch provides the facilities, meals and most of the program leadership. Lake County YMCA provides the cabin counselors, training, and overall program leadership. We also work with the Lake County Leaders Club with a weekend of volunteering at Camp Fitch.

City of Youngstown

Camp Fitch is starting a new collaboration with the City of Youngstown and the Community Initiative to Reduce Violence (C.I.R.V.). Camp Fitch is providing the resident camp facilities and leadership for group challenge course initiatives. C.I.R.V. is providing program leadership and recruitment of participants.

Erie Youth for Christ

This local outreach to teenagers has weekly meetings and outreach projects. Camp Fitch provides a location for meetings several times a year and opportunities for volunteers to participate in projects.

Spain YMCA

Since the beginning of the YMCA in Spain in the 1970s, Camp Fitch has participated in exchange programs. Camp Fitch has offered training for staff in Spain and internship opportunities for staff and volunteers from the Spain YMCA. Camp Fitch provides summer camp programs for children and leadership development opportunities for teens from Spain. The Spain YMCA provides chaperones for campers and opportunities for American children to learn Spanish culture. The Spain YMCA provides international experiences for youth and adults from the YMCA of Youngstown.

Institute of Light Finders

Camp Fitch has partnered with this organization from South Korea since 2008. Camp Fitch provides resident camp experiences in the summer for children from South Korea who wish to learn about American culture, improve their English skills as well as grow in spirit, mind and body. Camp Fitch provides opportunities for internships both in the summer and year round. The Institute of Light Finders provides opportunities for international understanding for our campers and staff and provides volunteer leadership to assist with our program.

Tri County Spina Bifida

This weekend program, funded by the Hine Fund of the Youngstown Foundation, has been a great success since the mid-1990s. Camp Fitch provides the overall camping experience and Tri County Spina Bifida provides educational opportunities and recruits families that have a child with Spina Bifida.

Lake Erie College

Since 2011, Camp Fitch has worked with Lake Erie College and the equestrian department to provide hands on educational opportunities for students in the field of equine facility management. The project is the development of a site plan for the future equestrian center at Camp Fitch. Camp Fitch provides the overall scope of project and a guest lecturer once a year. The class project provides a variety of ideas for future development of our equestrian center.

Youngstown Hearing and Speech Center

Beginning in 2007, Camp Fitch has worked with the Youngstown Hearing and Speech Center to provide a resident program for children hearing and speech disabilities. Camp Fitch provides the overall resident camp program and leadership. The Youngstown Hearing and Speech Center provides sign language staff and education leadership.

Christian Leadership Conference

Since 2010 this is a collaboration with the Walker Family Foundation and a variety of YMCAs in the region. The Walker Family Foundation provides funding and leadership to guide the overall goals and objectives of the program. Regional YMCAs provide staff to serve on a planning committee and develop the nuts and bolts of the annual weekend conference. Camp Fitch provides program leadership and the facilities to implement the program.

Hong Kong Baptist College

Since the mid-2000s, Camp Fitch has provided internship programs for students from the Hong Kong Baptist College. These interns have provided excellent leadership in our programs and gained valuable experience working in youth ministry.

D.D. & Velma Davis Family YMCA

HMHP Wellness Center

Davis Family YMCA houses the HMHP Wellness Center in its facility and provides space for HMHP to use the fitness center, pools, and child watch for their rehab patients. HMHP pays a share of the expenses and a managerial fee to the Davis Family YMCA.

American Red Cross of the Mahoning Valley

Davis is a training site for the Red Cross where they hold community classes. The Y stores their equipment and the Red Cross allows the Y to use this equipment for Y CPR/First Aid classes.

Real Living Ministries (RLM)

RLM has their weekly Church service at the YMCA and their Pastor works as the YMCA Chaplin, offering Bible Study for our members. RLM also volunteers at special events held at Davis.

Dr. Shayesteh

Renowned Board Certified Nutritionist and Diabetes Educator Dr. Shayesteh offers free lecture presentations dealing with proper eating and well-being habits. The doctor presents the most current information in the ever-changing study of nutrition and answers concerns of those seeking a weight loss program.

Steele Valley Triathlon Club

Local members in the sport of triathlon have teamed up to create this Youngstown area club. The Tri Club helps organize and participates in the annual Davis Family YMCA triathlon event, Spring Classic Sprint Triathlon.

Akron Children’s Hospital

Akron Children’s Hospital has teamed up with area fitness facilities to offer a childhood obesity program that incorporates a fitness and nutritional education program for kids 7 to 15 years of age. The Davis Family YMCA fitness department offers well-structured fitness classes two days a week that allows kids to get the exercise they need and do it in an atmosphere that keeps them coming back for more. The Youngstown State University Nutrition Department presents a three-part nutrition education program for the parents of the children enrolled in the program. Akron Children’s sponsors our community Learn to Swim classes called “Splash.” Hundreds of kids got safer around the water because of this year’s Splash program.

Silver Sneakers

This program is designed to get seniors age 65 and older up and moving. Well-developed fitness programs are implemented that allow participants to improve their overall fitness and wellness condition. Taught by our YMCA fitness staff, Silver Sneakers participants start to feel better about themselves as well as make new friends in the process.

Silver & Fit

Similar to Silver Sneakers, but still very small. Is available at Central and Davis.

Mahoning County Educational Service Center

In this work program for special needs kids, teachers and classroom aides supervise students as they clean the facility.

PNC/Junior Achievement

Beginning in 2011, a two-year grant provided by the PNC Foundation, the Y is able to offer the “Grow Up Great” curriculum alongside a Junior Achievement financial education program. Junior Achievement provides the lesson plans and PNC volunteers teach four “For Me, For You, For Later” classes to our preschoolers. Several large Family Fun Fairs have been hosted by the Davis Family YMCA where the children engage in fun activities to reinforce the educational concepts and the parents meet with a PNC volunteer to discuss budgeting and financial goals.

Step Up to Quality

This collaboration, beginning in 2012, is part of our Preschool licensing program through the state of Ohio. Our Preschool is assessed in the following areas: ratio/group size, staff education and qualifications, specialized training, administrative practices and early learning experiences. Step Up to Quality mentors the administrators and assists us throughout the process. Once we become a star rated facility, we will receive a yearly Quality Achievement Award that enables our program to continue to deliver a superior program.

Child Care Connection
This network of referral agencies in Mahoning, Medina, Stark, Portage, Summit and Trumbull Counties hosts Professional Development trainings and workshops throughout the year. Our Preschool staff attends these trainings as part of their Step Up to Quality Professional Development requirements and the Davis Family YMCA hosts several of these courses during the year.

D & E Counseling Center

Davis Family YMCA Preschool teachers work with behavioral specialists from the D & E Counseling Center if a student is in need of their services. Parents, teachers and the counselors work together to come up with a plan for the student to find success in school.

Poland Seminary High School

Seniors in Julie Walsh’s Child Development class observe in our preschool classes for ½ hour one day a week in order to see what they are studying verses actual classroom interactions. These observations confirm what they are studying in class. This collaboration started in November 2012.

Scouting Groups

Boy Scout, Cub Scout and Girl Scout Troops use our pools for a reduced cost. YMCA instructors provide leadership to learned activities.

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