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The Youngstown YMCA has a long and illustrious history, serving the Youngstown community since 1883. Starting as a retreat to protect the values of young farmers moving to the city for work, the YMCA is now a cornerstone of the community and the start of many valuable community institutions.

For instance, in 1884 a reading room was opened at the Y to enrich the lives of its young men. In 1906, the reading room expanded to include an educational director and eventually grew into the Youngstown Law School - known today as Youngstown State University. Additionally, long-time local radio station, WKBN, housed its earliest broadcasting studios on the third floor of the YMCA.

Today, the Youngstown YMCA has grown to include over 17,000 members and includes three branches that provide programming that develop its mission.

Central Branch, Downtown Youngstown

The Central YMCA, in downtown Youngstown, is the cornerstone of the Association, where the building blocks were established. Established in 1872 by Dr. R.D. Gibson, the Youngstown YMCA began at the house of Dr. Gibson's parents. The YMCA quickly grew and eventually moved to the second floor of a new building on East Federal Street. In 1884 it became an independent, locally controlled Ohio corporation - just 32 years after the first YMCA in the United States was founded.

Housed at 17 N. Champion Street in the heart of downtown Youngstown since 1915, the Central YMCA has a strong membership of local residents who believe in the Y and its mission. And because the YMCA is a long-standing community institution, most Youngstown residents have great memories of visiting the Y as children and young adults and continue to share the "Y experience" with their children and grandchildren.

Camp Fitch on Lake Erie

Camp Fitch began as a boys' summer bible camp at Muddy Lake near Ravenna, Ohio in the early 1900s. The first permanent camp was opened in 1914 in West Point, Ohio. Within 10 years, the resident camp became so popular it outgrew its West Point location. Thanks to a generous donation from the Fitch family, in 1924 Camp Fitch moved to the 450-acre grounds in North Springfield, Pennsylvania - its current location.

Today, Camp Fitch is open 360 days a year and serves thousands of boys and girls, as well as families. Spanning generations, many families have three and four generations of Camp Fitch campers who now share their experiences and memories with each other.

D.D. & Velma Davis Family YMCA

The newest facility of the Youngstown YMCA opened in September of 2003, and was created out of a need for a place where families who live in the surrounding suburban areas can enjoy the benefits of the Y's outstanding programming and facilities. The D.D. and Velma Davis Family YMCA was developed to compliment the Central Branch and provides a variety of fun and educational activities including an outdoor aquatic center and recreational area.

As a whole, the Youngstown YMCA is more than mere exercise facilities, but an organization where critical lessons in self-esteem, respect, sportsmanship, teamwork and community service are learned. It is a positive atmosphere for people of all ages. It is where children learn to swim, where players of all ages meet on the basketball court and where people in the community come to unwind. For over 125 years, the Youngstown YMCA has been putting Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.


2012-2013 Board of Trustees Officers

Immediate Past CVO
1st Vice Chair
2nd Vice Chair
3rd Vice Chair

Timothy M. Hilk
Thomas Fleming
John H. Yerian Jr.
James B. Greene
Atty. Thomas Gacse
Atty. Thomas J. Lodge

Asst. Secretary
Asst. Treasurer

Andrea Wood
J.D. Mirto
Phillip Kocon
Warren Harrell
William Bigelow
C. Robert Buchanan

2011-2012 Board of Trustees

David Bennett, William Bigelow, Sam Boak, William Brennan, Timothy Bresnahan, C. Robert Buchanan, Thomas A. Cleary, Melinda Davies, Dr. Constantine Economus, Thomas Fleming, Howard B. Friend, Attorney Thomas Gacse, Jennifer Gaffney, Presley Gillespie, James B. Greene, James E. Greene, Richard Hahn, Warren Harrell, Donald Harrison, Attorney Timothy Jacob, Janice JanJanin, Philip Kocon, Judge George Limbert, Julius Livas, Attorney Thomas J. Lodge, J.D. Mirto, Garry Mrozek, William Richardson, William Russell, John Scotford, Jr., Denise Stewart, Gregg Strollo, David Turner, Andrea Wood, John H. Yerian, Jr.

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The Youngstown YMCA is a character-building association, nationally affiliated and worldwide in scope, serving individuals and families of the Mahoning Valley. Christian in heritage, the Y is a non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to providing services that are based on Christian principles that enable all persons, regardless of race, religion, sex, income or physical ability, to achieve their full potential in spirit, mind and body. Ecumenical in its delivery and its membership, the programs and services the Y provides assist people in learning skills and attitudes that will enrich their lives and help them grow personally.

Our mission, as a Christian organization, is to put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all. The Youngstown YMCA is supported by the Youngstown/Mahoning Valley United Way. The United Way works by funding local human care agencies that provide the necessary programs and services to address many of our community's most critical issues.

"My command is this; love each other as I have loved you." John 15:12

The Young Men's Christian Association
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